Heavy Duty Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor for heavy sized compressed air requirements in industrial use

SeaComAir ORPSR5000-15 Screw Compressor Electric

SeaComAir ORPDSR1900-15-250 Screw Compressor with Air Receiver 250 Liter Volume

SeaComAir ORPSR5000-15 Screw Compressor
SeaComAir ORPDSR1700-15-250 Screw Compressor
Charging Rate
Max. Pressure
Dimensions LxDxH
Low Pressure Screw


L/min - cfm - m³/hr

Bar - psi

inch - cm

kg - lbs

dB (ISO3746)


45kW 400V/50Hz 3Ph

5000 - 176 - 300

15 - 2175


1022 - 2248


Standard Features
  • Free Air delivery 1900 l/min/67 cfm/114 m3/h up to 5000 l/min/176 cfm/300 m3/h @ 15 bar
  • Oil-injected screw compressors with belt drive
  • Electric Motors 18,5 kW up to 45 kW
  • Air-cooled, Single-stage, Oil-injected screw compressor
  • Continuous operation for industrial use
  • Intensive cooling combined with an effective after cooler
  • High-performance compact air on end
  • Integrated oil control valve
  • Self-tensioning V-belt using pivoting motor base
  • Motor protection switch, Star-delta switch
  • Torsion-resistant steel frame and housing
  • Large removable service doors, optimum accessibility to all components
  • Thermostatic oil control, for optimum operating temperature
  • Large dimensioned combi cooler for compressed air and oil
  • Cooling air outlet to the top, no heat accumulation at standstill possible (chimney effect)
  • All air and oil lines are made of metal with high quality precision hydraulic fittings
  • Compressor works fully automatically with full load
  • Oil temperature display with switch-off function
  • On / Off switch, emergency stop button
  • Ball valve for the air-side connection
  • Shock-absorbing system with four attachment points
  • Effective sound insulation box
  • Multiple bearings on vibration metals enable low-noise and low-vibration installation
  • Compact design, therefore lower space requirement
  • Quality Made in Germany
  • Single-stage, Air cooled compressor unit
  • Vibration damper
  • Automatic star-delta protection
  • Hour Meter
  • Pressure Oulet G1/2”
  • Ready mounted and wired
Factory Options

Electronic control system with LCD Display


Phase Controller via phase sequence relay


Air Dryer with Level Controlled Condensate Drain


Air Receiver from 90 to 500 Liter (19-132 Gallon) with Level Controlled Condensate Drain


Energy efficient Frequency Drive Control System

SeaComAir Low Pressure Screw Compressors are industrial compressors for stationary operations.

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