Industrial Gas Boosters


Pneumatic Driven Gas Boosters and Booster Compressors

SeaComAir supply following categories of gas boosters.

Pneumatic Driven Gas Boosters and Booster Reciprocating Displacement Compressors.

Pneumatic Driven Gas Boosters: A booster takes gases from a low pressure source, increases the pressure, and delivers it to a high pressure destination. No need for motors or engines; the booster is powered by a secondary supply of compressed air. Suitable to compress Industrial Gases like Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Booster Compressors: A booster reciprocating displacement compressors receives gas under pressure and is therefore more efficient and pumps more gas per horsepower than a standard compressor. Power and reliability are the main features of SeaComAir booster compressors. Suitable for any type of use and with variable flow rates depending on the specific needs, some of the considerable booster industrial application fields are nitrogen storage, laser or plasma cutting, and plastic injection.

Pneumatic Driven Gas Boosters
Booster Reciprocating Displacement Compressors
GBS32/SSF Gas Booster Pneumatic Compressor System
SCA350E43CFSAP2B Booster Compressor
SeaComAir GBS Gas Booster System
SaeComAir 350 - 8000 Booster Reciprocating Compressor

Delivery performance 200 l/min / 7 cfm

Charging Rate 360 - 8000 l/min / 13 - 282 cfm

Compressed Natural Gas Booster Compressors

The CNG Booster series compressors are designed to compress natural gas and biomethane previously treated and filtered with a suction pressure between 2 and 8 bar and a final pressure up to 250 bar. These robust and compact boosters are designed to fill cylinders for gas storage. Using products from the CNG Booster line is easy and can be done in complete safety.

SeaComAir CNG boosters meets or exceeds all international Natural Gas standards ATEX 2014/34/EU, PED 2014/68/EU, Machine 2006/42/EG.

SCA265E43CNG booster compressor
SCA60043 CNGB Booster compressor
SeaComAir 265 CNG Booster
SaeComAir 600 CNG Booster

Charging Rate 265 l/min / 9,4 cfm

Charging Rate 690 l/min / 24,4 cfm

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