Containment Fill Stations

CFS-4CSD Fill Containment

CFS-4CSD Four Position Containment Fill Station
CFS-4CSD Four Position Containment Fill Station
Maximum Pressure Bar-psi
Filling Connections
Dimensions inch - cm (LxDxH)
Weight kg - lbs

4 Cylinders

340 - 4900

4x230bar or 4x300bar


500 - 1103

Standard Features
Safety Futures
  • Four Position high pressure Containment Fill Station with Sliding Door
  • Single fill pressure
  • Easy Access of loading area
  • Accommodate four SCBA or SCUBA Cylinders up to 11 Liter/80 Cu.Ft. @ 330 bar/4785 psi
  • Fills four SCBA or SCUBA cylinders at a time
  • Working Pressure up to 340 bar/4900 psi
  • One Inlet Pressure Gauge to Monitor Inlet Pressure
  • Refill pressure is equipped with a safety valve
  • Four (4) Fill Hoses with Bleed Valve and Fill Adapter DIN230 or DIN300 G5/8
  • One connection with Valve for Compressor or Cascade system
  • Safety Control Lock Door System manually
  • Heavy Duty Steel Plate on all Four Sides and closed completely Door in Place
  • Certified by an Licensed Engineering Testing Facility TUV Germany
  • All Control Components located Inside Cabinet
  • Tested to Contain Rupture of an 12 Liter/190 Cu.Ft. Cylinder @ 450 bar/6500 psi
  • Vented Through Bottom of Cabinet
  • Safety Control Lock System closed completely Door in Place
Factory Options Fill Containment

Multiple Filling Valves SCBA, SCUBA, DIN or INT

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