SeaComAir Industries Compressors

Applications and Sectors

SeaComAir manufacture and distribut High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors, High Pressure Air Storage Cylinders and Bank Storage Lift Racks, Containment Fill Stations, Safety Filling Cabinets and Safety Filling Chamber for Fire Departments and Services, Commercial and Industry, Offshore and Marine, Police and Military, Paintball, Scuba Diving and Shooting Applications.

Commercial & Industry

Firefighting & Military

Maritime & Offshore

SCA40043CNG compressor silent
SCA215E4355OSS High Pressure Compressor
SCA265E43 CFSAP Cabinet Compressor

Cabinet & Heavy Duty & Natural Gas Compressors

Open & Cabinet & Silent Compressors

Portable & Open & Cabinet Compressors

Paintball & Airguns

Scuba Diving

Motor Sport

SCA50E212 Lightweight Portable Compressor
SCA300EAN Nitrox Compressor
Low Pressure Screw Compressor with Air Receiver

Portable & Open & Sporting Guns Compressors

Cabinet & Silent & Nitrox Compressors

Portable & Open & Low Pressure Compressors

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