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SeaComAir sales a complete range of High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors from portable 2,2 kW with 4.2 scfm – 100 Liter/Minute charging rate up to 37 kW Heavy Duty Compressors Systems with 49 scfm – 1400 Liter/Minute charging rate and max pressure up to 450 bar / 6500 psi. Designed for economy and mobility, known for durability and performance.

We distribute Booster Compressors and Booster Compressor System to compressed Industrial Gases up to 700 bar / 10150 psi. Gases such Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

SeaComAir offers a range of Gas Cylinders, Vertical Storage Tanks and Containment Fill Stations with max. pressure 350 bar / 5000 psi up to 450 bar / 6500 psi.

We manufactures haevy duty stainless steel Inox filling panels with working pressure 220bar / 3200psi to 330 bar / 4850 psi.

Company SeaComAir supply a range of Low Pressure Industrial Screw Compressors from Light-duty, Medium-duty to Continuous-heavy-duty Commercial grade Compressors. Light and Medium duty Low Pressure Compressors provide air at 270 to 5000 l/min (9,5 to 177 CFM) at pressure 6 to 15 bar (87 to 217 psi).

Continuous Heavy Duty Low Pressure Compressors deliver air at 2800 to 37000 l/min (99 to 1306 CFM) at pressure 8 to 10 bar (116 to 145 psi).

Our Compressors are built and tested in our factory, have CE certification and meets or exceed international industry standards for CGA Grade“E” Air and DIN EN12021.

High Pressure Air Compressors

Industrial Boosters

Natural Gas Compressors

SCA265E4355OSS Electric Open Stainless Steel Frame
SCA700E43/EC7-B Air & Nitrogen Booster
SCA265E43CNG Compressor silent
SeaComAir 80 - 265 Electric/Petrol/Diesel
Reciprocating Booster Compressors & Pneumatic Driven Gas Boosters
SeaComAir 170 - 2000 CNG

Charging Rate 80 - 1400 l/m / 3,5 - 49 scfm

Charging Rate 200 – 8000 l/min / 7 – 282 cfm

Charging Rate 170 - 2000 l/m / 6 - 74 cfm

Nitrox Compressors

Low Pressure Compressors

Air Storage Cylinders Racks

SCA300EAN Nitrox Compressor
Low Pressure Screw Compressor
ASCLR2400-350 Air Storage Cylinder Lift Rack
Low Pressure Nitrox Generators
SeaComAir 270 – 5000 Screw & Piston Compressors Electric
Air Storage Cylinder Racks & Air Storage Cylinder Lift Racks

Charging Rate 1000 l/min / 35 cfm

Charging Rate 270 – 5000 l/min / 9,5 – 176 cfm

Storage Cylinder Racks 300 to 3400 Liters Volume

Containment Fill Stations

CFS-4CSD Four Position Containment Fill Station
Safety Filling Cabinets & Safety Filling Chambers

Built for 4 cylinder, designed to fit different sizes of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders

CNG Natural Gas Compressors

CNG Natural Gas Compressors

Natural Gas Silent, Industrial Heavy Duty Compressors, CNG Continuos heavy duty compressors and Boosters for Natural Gas filling stations and homes. High pressure systems for compressing and storing natural gas.

ASCR50 Air Storage Cylinders Racks

Air Storage Cylinder Racks

SeaComAir offers high pressure tanks, air storage cylinders, special designed air storage racks, cascade systems and storage lift racks. Also available for Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Methane, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Compressors Specials & Deals

Compressors Specials & Deals

All Compressors has been examined by our professional technicians. Condition of equipment and availability of warranties can vary. Contact us to get a Quote for High Pressure Compressors listed here on Compressors on Sale.

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