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High Pressure Storage Lift Racks

Air Storage Cylinder Lift Rack 2400 30x80 Liter

ModelVolumeCapacity @ Working PressureDimensions inch – cm (LxDxH)Weight kg – lbs
ASCLR24002400 Liter (30×80 Liter)840 m3/29648 cft @ 350 bar/5000 psi67.3″(148)x75.2”(191)x73.2”(186)3700 – 8140

Standard Features

  • Storage Lift Rack
  • Construction Durable, steel frame
  • High pressure, Breathing air storage system with thirty (30) 80 liter 350bar/5000psi cylinders
  • Working Pressure 350bar/5000psi
  • Test Pressure 525bar/7600psi
  • Pressure Equipment Directive PED CE certified
  • Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder according EN ISO 9809-2
  • High Pressure INOX Panel with connection G1/4“ or G3/8″
  • Safety Pressure Valve 370bar/5365psi (as option)
  • Storage pressure gauge 0-450bar/6500psi (as option)
  • TÜV Certificate according EC Directive 97/23/EC regulations AD 2000
  • Modular system

Factory Options ASCLR2400 Air Storage Lift Rack

BSSHigh Pressure INOX Filling Panel with connection G1/4“ or G3/8″
SV3/4Safety Pressure Valve 370bar/5365psi or 420bar/6090psi
PG450Storage pressure gauge 0-450bar/6500psi
SOVShut-off lever valve 500 bar
PR10-410Pressure Reducer with Outlet Pressure setting range 10bar/120psi – 410bar/6000psi
OXYApplications for Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Methane, Nitrogen and Oxygen