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SeaComAir 2800OFS Continues Duty Compressor system

Heavy Duty Open Frame High Pressure Compressor-System

  • Compressor System consist from two (2) heavy duty compressors, with compressor capacity 1400 l/min, total 2800 l/min @ 350 bar
  • Free Air delivery/Capacity 2800 l/min / 99 cfm / 168 m3/h
  • Max. Pressure 350 bar /5080 psi
  • Continuous duty air cooled, four stage, four cast iron cylinders each compressor
  • Long inspection intervals 2000 hours
  • Low maintenance costs

July, 2019

SeaComAir BKSR1000 Low Pressure Screw Compressor

Light Duty Low Pressure Screw Air Compressors with Air Receiver

  • Free Air delivery 1000 l/min / 35 cfm / 60 m3/h
  • Air-cooled, Single-stage, Oil-injected screw compressor
  • Air Dryer with Level Controlled condensate drain
  • Drive by electric motors with V-belt
  • Thermostatic oil control, for optimum operating temperature
  • Large dimensioned combi cooler for compressed air and oil
  • Shock-absorbing system with four attachment points

May, 2019

SeaComAir 13300OFW Water Cooled Compressor

High Pressure Water Cooled Heavy Duty Compressor

  • Water Cooled Compressors are build for hardest working conditions and special applications
  • Continuous duty Air-Water cooled, Five stages, Six cylinders, Stainless steel coolers
  • Free Air Delivery up to 60.000 l/min / 2.120 cfm
  • Max Pressure up to 410 bar / 5950 psi
  • Long service life of the valves
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Compatible with Air, Nitrogen, Natural Gas, Biogas and Inert Gases Helium, Argon

February, 2019