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High Pressure Silent Compressors

High Pressure Silent Sound Proofed Filling Stations

Silent sound proofed heavy duty High Pressure Compressors for continuous operations. Fully automatic compressors that features an extra large capacity filtration system. Fill at a rate of 300 l/min / 13 scfm to 750 l/min / 30.5 scfm at max pressure up to 415 bar / 6000 psi. Suitable to compress nitrogen, hydrogen, helium and argon.

SCA265E43-Silent Compressor

SCA650E43-HDF Silent Compressor

SeaComAir 300 Silent

Charging Rate 330 l/min / 14 scfm

SeaComAir 650 - 750HDF-SL Heavy Duty Silent

Charging Rate 650 - 750 l/min / 27 - 30,5 scfm