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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fill Stations

SeaComAir FS240CNG-C150 CNG Fill Station

Model Storage Capacity Dimensions (LxDxH) Weight Noise
Fill Station FS240CNG-C150     inch – m kg – lbs dB (ISO3746)
SCA150CNG Compressor 3x80L 250bar-3600psi Cylinders 60 m3/2120cu.ft./240l @250bar/3600 psi 798”(2)x506”(1,3)x700”(1,8) 950 – 2090 70

Standard Features

  • Compressed Natural Gas Fast Filling System with Daily Rate 230000 Liter/8120 cu.ft./230 m3
  • Daily performance of 8120 cu.ft./230 m3 is sufficient to operate 3-6 vehicles or forklifts
  • CNG Fast Filling system with three 80 liter cylinders with max. pressure 350bar/5000psi
  • Durable powder coated, compact cabinet for stationary operation
  • Cylinders TÜV Pressure Equipment Directive PED CE 1637 certified
  • Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder
  • Steel cylinder according EN 1964
  • Cylinder standard valves EN 849
  • Remote MEPC Main Electric Control Panel
  • Suction valve to connect Natural Gas
  • Filling hose with CNG filling nozzel
  • Filling hose Brake Away Safety Controll


  • Construction Powder coated steel cabinet
  • Compressor with sound absorbing housing
  • Max Pressure 250bar/3800psi
  • Approx. Output Compressor 170 l/min/6 cfm/10 m3/h
  • Manual condensate drain system
  • Final pressure gauge
  • Emergency shut-off switch
  • Hour Meter
  • On/Off Switch
  • ATEX 94/9/EC and PED 97/23/EC approved