Light Duty Low Pressure Screw Compressor for small and medium-sized compressed air requirements

SeaComAir BKSR1000-10 Screw Compressor Electric

SeaComAir BKDSR1000-10-270 Screw Compressor with AR Air Receiver 270 Liter Volume

SeaComAir-BKSR1500-10 Screw Compressor
SeaComAir BKDSR1600-10-270 Low Pressure Compressor
Charging Rate
Max. Pressure
Dimensions LxDxH
Low Pressure Screw


L/min – cfm – m³/hr

Bar – psi

inch – cm

kg – lbs

dB (ISO3746)


7,5kW 400V/50Hz 3Ph

1000 – 35 – 60

10 – 145


225 – 496


Standard Features


  • Free Air delivery 270 l/min/9,5 cfm/16 m³/hr up to 1000 l/min/35 cfm/60 m³/hr @ 10 bar
  • Oil-injected screw compressors with belt drive
  • Electric Motors 2,2 kW up to 7,5 kW
  • Air-cooled, Single-stage, Oil-injected screw compressor
  • Air Dryer with Level Controlled condensate drain
  • Drive by electric motors with V-belt
  • Motor protection switch, Star-delta switch
  • Torsion-resistant steel frame and housing
  • Large removable service doors, optimum accessibility to all components
  • Thermostatic oil control, for optimum operating temperature
  • Large dimensioned combi cooler for compressed air and oil
  • Cooling air outlet to the top, no heat accumulation at standstill possible (chimney effect)
  • All air and oil lines are made of metal with high quality precision hydraulic fittings
  • Compressor works fully automatically with full load
  • Oil temperature display with switch-off function
  • On / Off switch, emergency stop button
  • Ball valve for the air-side connection
  • Shock-absorbing system with four attachment points
  • Single-stage, Air cooled
  • Vibration damper
  • Automatic star-delta protection
  • Hour Meter
  • Pressure Oulet G1/2”
  • Ready mounted and wired

Factory Options


Electronic control system with LCD Display


Phase Controller via phase sequence relay


Air Receiver from 90 to 270 Liter (19-71 Gallon) with Level Controlled Condensate Drain

SeaComAir Low Pressure Screw Compressors are industrial compressors for stationary operations.

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