SeaComAir Low Pressure Compressors

Low Pressure (LP) Air Piston Compressors

Low Pressure Piston Compressors, Direct or Belt Driven Compressors

SeaComAir offers a range of low pressure industrial piston compressors. From light-duty to medium-duty commercial grade compressors. Medium duty compressors provide air at 600 to 1600 l/min (21 to 65 CFM) at pressure 30 to 40 bar (435 to 580 psi).

SCA-PH600-30 low pressure piston compressor
SCA-PH1600-40 Low Pressure Piston Compressor
SeaComAir 600 Piston Belt Driven Compressor
SeaComAir 1600 Piston Direct Driven Compressor

Charging Rate 600 l/min / 21 cfm

Charging Rate 1600 l/min / 56 cfm

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