Booster Compressors

SeaComAir 700 Booster Piston Compressor

SCA700E43/EC7-B Air & Nitrogen Booster
SCA700E43EC7-B High Pressure Booster Compressor
Electric Control Panel
High Pressure Filter system with Double Purification
SCA700E43/EC7-B Air & Nitrogen Booster
SCA700E43EC7-B High Pressure Booster Compressor Filter system
Inlet Pressure
Charging Rate @ 5 Bar Inlet
Max. Pressure
Dimensions LxDxH


Bar - psi

L/min - cfm

Bar - psi

inch - cm

kg - lbs

dB (ISO3746)


15kW 400V/50-60Hz 3ph


700 - 24

400 - 5800


225 - 495


Standard Features
  • Electric panel with hour meter and alarm
  • Pressure gauge with interstage control and input pressure
  • Interstage pressure gauges display the working pressure for the individual compression stages
  • Motor protection switch
  • Automatic shutdown and Automatic restart
  • Drainage of the separator between individual stages during compressor operation (standard drainage interval every 15 minutes for a period of 6 seconds)
  • Condensate discharge pushbutton
  • Auto rotation direction control
  • Oil level warning light
  • Automatic low oil level shutdown
  • HP Filter system with Double Purification PED certified with activated carbon and/or molecular sieve
  • Automatic condensate drains, Removes water from the intermediate separator and the final separator automatically during operation
  • Pressure relief valve on all stages
  • Final pressure relief valve
  • Pressure maintaining and check valve after final air filter purification
  • Intermediate separators after 2nd stage and 3rd stage
  • External oil level sight glass indicator with oil drain
  • Outlet temperature ~59°F (15°C) above cooling air temperature
  • Owners manual
  • Air cooled, Belt Driven, Four stage, Four cylinder compressor booster
  • Stainless steel inter- and final-stage coolers
  • Forced oil lubrification with low pressure oil pump and pressure gauge
  • Ready mounted and wired on heavy duty base
  • Vibration-free assembly
  • Max. RPM 1400
  • Oil Capacity 3,5 Liter / 118 oz
  • Oil Type SeaComAir synthetic compressor oil ISO VG150
Factory Options

Compressor upgrade for Nitrogen and Nitrox

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