Industrial Gas Boosters


Booster Compressors

Booster Compressors, a booster reciprocating displacement compressors receives gas under pressure and is therefore more efficient and pumps more gas per horsepower than a standard compressor. Power and reliability are the main features of SeaComAir booster compressors. Suitable for any type of use and with variable flow rates depending on the specific needs, some of the considerable booster industrial application fields are nitrogen storage, laser or plasma cutting, and plastic injection.

High Pressure Booster Compressors

Low Pressure Booster Compressors

SCA700E43/EC7-B Air & Nitrogen Booster
SCA-BW8000-40B Direct Driven Booster Compressor
SaeComAir 700 Booster Reciprocating Compressor
SaeComAir 8000 Booster Reciprocating Compressor

Charging Rate 700 l/min / 24 cfm

Charging Rate 8000 l/min / 282 cfm

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