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Heavy Duty Open Frame High Pressure Air Compressor-System

SeaComAir 2800OFS Open Frame System Electric

SeaComAir 2800OFS Open Frame System Electric
Model Motor Charging Rate Max.Pressure Dimensions (LxDxH) Weight Noise
Heavy Duty Open Frame Electric Liter/Min - Cubic Feet/Min - m³/hr Bar - PSI inch - cm kg - lbs dB (ISO3746)
SCA2800E43/OFS-350 2x37kW 400V/50Hz 3ph 2800 - 99 - 168 350 - 5080 122”(310)x90”(230)x45”(115) 850 - 1870 90

Standard Features

  • Free Air delivery/Capacity 2800 l/min / 99 cfm / 168 m3/h
  • Compressor System consist from two (2) heavy duty compressors, with compressor capacity 1400 l/min, total 2800 l/min @ 350 bar
  • Advantage of such system: when one compressor in maintenance mode or faulty, compressor system will work continuously with 50% load 1400 l/min @ 350 bar
  • High efficient cooling, Cylinders directly in the cooling-air flow
  • Low condensation temperatures
  • Long service life of the valves
  • Long inspection intervals 2000 hours
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Maintenance-free oil- and water-seperator
  • Oil-pressure-lubrication with oil-pressure-control
  • Oil-pressure-controlled automatic discharge
  • Pressure relief valves at all stages
  • Interstage Pressure Gauges after each stage
  • Energy efficient IE3 el. Motors
  • Motors Directly Coupled to Compressor Blocks, Energy-efficient
  • Elastic coupling for smooth start
  • End-temperature-control
  • Flow and sound optimized Air Inlet Filter
  • Electric Control Panel with necessary Standard Control, On/Off Switch, Hour Meter


  • Continuous duty air cooled, four stage, four cast iron cylinders each compressor, all stainless steel coolers
  • Mounted on heavy duty frame
  • Max. RPM 1500
  • Pressure oil lubrication
  • Oil Capacity 2x9,5 Liter (2x321 oz)
  • Compressor oil ISO VG150
  • Vibration-Free assembly
  • Electromagentic start discharge
  • Ready mounted and wired on heavy duty steel base

Factory Options

Model Description
HDF Compressor with Heavy Duty Sound Isolation Frame
GASUPG Compressor upgrade for Gases such Helium and Nitrogen

SeaComAir 2800OFS Open Frame Compressor System is continuous heavy duty compressor for stationary operations