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SeaComAir 13300OFW Water Cooled Electric

SeaComAir 1330OFW Water Cooled Electric
Model Motor Charging Rate Max.Pressure Dimensions (LxDxH) Weight Noise
HD Water Cooled Electric Liter/Min - Cubic Feet/Min - m³/hr Bar - PSI inch - cm kg - lbs dB (ISO3746)
SCA13300E43/OFW-400 160kW 400V/50Hz 3ph 13300 - 470 - 800 410 - 5950 101"(256)x62”(157)x58”(147) 3100 - 6830 95

Standard Features

  • Free Air delivery 13300 l/min / 800 m3/h
  • Air-Water-Cooled, single-acting compressor
  • Targeted Water Cooling of intercooler and aftercooler
  • Plasma-Nitrided cylinders surface with special pistons rings guarantee long maintenance interwals
  • Direct power transmission through flanged electric moto
  • Built-in elastic coupling between compressor and electric motor ensures shock-free starting of the compressor
  • Pressure resistant oil tank for low oil consumption
  • Heat exchangers for each pressure stage
  • Maintenance-free oil and water separators for all pressure stages
  • Fine filter and Maintaining valve on High pressure outlet
  • Electromagnetic compressor discharge during operation at all compressor pressure stagse
  • Simultaneous removal of the condesate drain
  • Star/Delta start with electromagnetic start discharge
  • Pressure monitor for each pressure stage and the crankcase
  • Differential pressure switch for pressure oil lubrication
  • Oil level control by oil level sight glass indicator
  • Pressure gauge for each pressure stages
  • Oil pressure gauge


  • Continuous duty Air-Water cooled, Five stages, Six cylinders, Stainless steel coolers
  • Max Pressure up to 410 bar / 5950 psi
  • Free Air Delivery up to 60.000 l/min / 2.120 cfm
  • Max R.P.M. 1.500
  • Pressure oil lubrication
  • Oil Capacity 35 Liters (1180 oz)
  • Drive motors AC 90-200 kW, 400V/690V, 3Ph, 50Hz, IP55
  • Compressor complies with EN 1012-1
  • Elastic installation on 4 metal rubber buffers
  • Ready mounted and wired on heavy duty base

Factory Options

Model Description
HDF Compressor with Heavy Duty Sound Isolation Frame
GASUPG Compressor upgrade for Gases such Helium, Nitrogen, Biogas

SeaComAir 13300OFW Open Frame Water Cooled Compressor is an continuous heavy duty compressor for stationary operations.