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Heavy Duty High Pressure Compressors

High Pressure Heavy Duty Open Frame & Water Cooled Compressors

SeaComAir Continuous Duty and Water Cooled Compressors are build for hardest working conditions and special projects and applications. Free Air Delivery up to 60.000 l/min. / 2.120 cfm / 3.600 m3/h at max. pressure 415 bar / 6000 psi. Compatible with Air, Innert Gases Helium, Nitrogen and gases such Natural Gas, Biogas.

SCA1400 Heavy Duty Open Frame Compressor

SeaComAir 2800OFS Open Frame Compressor System

SeaComAir 1400OF Open Frame

Charging Rate 700-1400 l/min / 25 – 49 cfm

SeaComAir 2800OFS Open Frame System

Charging Rate 2800 l/min / 99 cfm

SeaComAir 13300OFW Water Cooled Compressor

SeaComAir 13300OFW Water Cooled

Charging Rate 13300 l/min / 470 cfm