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Heavy Duty High Pressure Compressors

High Pressure Heavy Duty Open Frame & Water Cooled Compressors

SeaComAir Continuous Duty and Water Cooled Compressors are build for hardest working conditions and special projects and applications. Free Air Delivery up to 60.000 l/min. / 2.120 cfm / 3.600 m3/h at max. pressure 415 bar / 6000 psi. Compatible with Air, Innert Gases Helium, Nitrogen and gases such Natural Gas, Biogas.

SeaComAir 1400OF Open Frame

Charging Rate 700-1400 l/min / 25 – 49 cfm

SeaComAir 2800OFS Open Frame System

Charging Rate 2800 l/min / 99 cfm

SeaComAir 13300OFW Water Cooled

Charging Rate 13300 l/min / 470 cfm