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Cabinet Semi-Enclosed High Pressure Compressors

SeaComAir 265CFSAP Cabinet Electric Additional Purification

ModelMotorCharging Rate*Refill time*Max.PressureDimensions (LxDxH)WeightNoise
CabinetElectricLiter/Min - Cubic Feet/MinMinBar - PSIinch - cmkg - lbsdB (ISO3746)
SCA265E43/CFSAP5.5kW 230/400V/50-60Hz 3phase300 - 13 scfm6340 - 500035"(90)x24"(60)x33,5"(85)161 - 35581

Standard Features

  • Fully Automatic HP Compressors
  • Designed for High Temperature Environment and High Percentage of Humidity
  • Equipped with Three large capacity Oil/Moister Separators for hot and humid climates
  • Oil/Moister Separators after each stage
  • Main control panel
  • Fully automatic condensate drain
  • Final pressure switch with auto shut-off and pressure gauge
  • Hour meter
  • Low oil shut down switch
  • Cabinet High Temperature shut down switch
  • Pressure gauges installed after each stage. Easy to monitor all three stages of compression
  • Oil filled final pressure gauge 0~400bar/5800psi
  • Extra Large Breathing Air Purification System with activated carbon and molecular sieve
  • Meets or exceeds all international breathing air standards for CGA Grade“E” Air and DIN EN12021
  • Pressure relief valve on all stages
  • Final pressure relief valve
  • External oil level sight glass indicator with oil drain
  • Phase Controller prohibit reverse rotation
  • Two (2) High Pressure Filling hoses with On/Off filling valve and bleed, depressurize system, with SCUBA INT yoke, DIN200 or DIN300
  • Spare parts list and owners manual


  • Continuous duty air cooled, three stage three cylinder high pressure air compressor all stainless steel inter- and final-stage coolers
  • Splash lubrication with oil thrower pin
  • Max. RPM 1550
  • Oil Capacity 1,7 Liter / 59 oz
  • Oil Type SeaComAir synthetic compressor oil ISO VG150

Factory Options

Model Description
MP330 Compressor with 5000psi/340bar max. pressure
PCSD200 Filter control system with LED indicator of filter cartridge saturation
*Based on charging an 11 Liter / 80 Cu. Ft. Cylinder from 35 bar / 500 psi to 200 bar / 3000 psi
SeaComAir 265CFSAP Cabinet Compressor is continuous duty compressor for stationary operations.