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Fill Panels

SeaComAir Stainless Steel Filling Panel

ModelMax. PressureOutletsFilling ConnectionsDimensions (LxDxH)Weight
Stainless SteelBar - PSIBar/PSI inch - cmkg - lbs
FP3/2SSC340 - 50002x220/3200 & 2x300/43502xDIN200 & 2xDIN30025"(63)x6,5"(16)x8"(20)8 - 17,5

Standard Features

  • Filling panel with working pressure 2x300bar/4400psi and 2x200bar/2900psi
  • Stainless steel cabinet Inox
  • All stainless steel pipes
  • Inlet fitting 300bar W7/16" UNF for high pressure air compressor
  • Two (2) 400bar/5800psi pressure gauges
  • Two (2) 300bar/4400psi filling fittings W7/16" with On/Off lever valves
  • Two (2) 200bar/2900psi filling fittings W7/16" with On/Off lever valves
  • Pressure reducer for simultaneous filling
  • Safety relief valve

Factory Options

AnalyzersCarbon Monoxide CO, Oxygen O2
FP-DTPDigital Touch Panel 4", SPS Simatic Siemens, Display all parameters in color: Filling speed in bar/min, Fill pressure in bar, State of the filling in percent