Safety Filling Cabinet

CFS-6MTSD Safety Filling Chamber with Telescopic Sliding Door

CFS-6MTSD Containment Fill Station
Pressure Bar-psi
Filling Connections
Dimensions inch – cm (LxDxH)
Weight kg – lbs

62 Cylinders

340 – 4900

6x200bar or 6x300bar


600 – 1320

Standard Features
Safety Futures
  • Six Position high pressure Containment Fill Station with Telescopic Sliding Door
  • Steel sliding doors with telescopic rails for easy loading full access 150 cm = 59“ wide
  • Cabinet powder coating Grey/White structure
  • Accommodate six SCBA or SCUBA Cylinders up to 18 Liter/133 Cu. Ft. @ 200 bar/3000 psi
  • Input connection 8S with Solenoid valve 400 bar/5800 psi
  • Dispensing valve 350 bar/5000 psi to regulate filling speed
  • System relief valve 350 bar/5000 psi
  • Relief muffler 350 bar/5000 psi
  • Emergency stop button
  • SPS Digital Touch Panel 4″ Simatic Siemens, with Emergency Stop Switch with direct disconnection of charging process thru solenoid valves
  • SPS Digital Touch Panel Display all parameters in color: Filling speed in bar/min, Fill pressure in bar, State of the filling in percent
  • All Control Components located Inside Cabinet
  • Tested to Contain Rupture of an 12 Liter/190 Cu.Ft. Cylinder at 450 bar/6500 psi
  • Electronic Door with Security System SPS controlled
  • Certified by an Licensed Engineering Testing Facility TUV Germany
Factory Options Fill Cabinet

Dual Fill Pressures 300 bar/4300 psi and 200 bar/2900 psi with High Pressure Regulator


Oxygen upgrade, Stainless Steel Flex hoses, All components Stainless Steel V4A 1.4571, Pressure gauge 400bar 1.6 Oxygen, All Viton seals

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