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Containment Fill Station

CFS-2MFD Fill Containment

CFS-3MFD/DTP Fill Containment

Model Cylinders Pressure Bar – PSI Filling Connections Dimensions inch – cm (LxDxH) Weight kg -lbs
CFS-2MFD 2 Cylinders 340 – 4900 2 x 200bar or 2 x 300bar 30”(78)x22”(57)x51”(130) 365 – 800
CFS-3MFD/DTP 3 Cylinders 340 – 4900 3 x 200bar or 3 x 300bar 30”(78)x22”(57)x51”(130) 385 – 847

Standard Features

  • Two/Three Position high pressure Containment Fill Station with Fall Door
  • Easy Access of loading area
  • Accommodate two/three SCBA or SCUBA Cylinders up to 11 Liter/80 Cu.Ft. @ 200 bar/3000 psi 
  • Fills two/three SCBA or SCUBA cylinders at a time
  • Working Pressure up to 340 bar/4900 psi
  • Single fill pressure Flow Restrictors thrue needle valve to optimize air flow for accurate filling
  • One Inlet Pressure Gauge to Monitor Inlet Pressure
  • Two/Three Panel Valves to Control Fill Process
  • Two/Three Fill Pressure Gauges to Monitor Fill Process
  • Two/Three Fill Hoses with Bleed Valve and Fill Adapter DIN200 or DIN300 G5/8
  • One connection with Valve for Cascade system
  • Safety Control Lock Door System manually

Safety Features

  • Heavy Duty Steel Plate on all Four Sides and closed completely Door in Place
  • Certified by an Licensed Engineering Testing Facility TUV Germany
  • All Control Components located Inside Cabinet
  • Tested to Contain Rupture of an 12 Liter/190 Cu. Ft. Cylinder @ 450 bar/6500 psi
  • Vented Through Bottom of Cabinet
  • Safety Control Lock System closed completely Door in Place

Factory Options Fill Containment

Model Description
DFP3/2 Dual Fill Pressures 300 bar/4300 psi and 200 bar/2900 psi with High Pressure Regulator
DTP Digital Touch Panel 4″ SPS Simatic Siemens, Display all parameters in color: Filling speed in bar/min, Fill pressure in bar, State of the filling in percent, Emergency Stop Switch with direct disconnection of charging process thru solenoid valves
OXY Oxygen upgrade, Stainless Steel Flex hoses, All components Stainless Steel V4A 1.4571, Pressure gauge 400bar 1.6 Oxygen, All Viton seals
CFS3/4 Available in 3 or 4 Bank Management (Include Door brake with gas muffle)