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SeaComAir High Pressure Air Compressor Specials

All Compressors has been examined by our professional technicians. Condition of equipment and availability of warranties can vary.
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SCA500E43/HDF-OP Cabinet Semi-Enclosed Compressor Electric

Charging Rate 500 L/Min – 17 Cu.Ft/Min
Filling Time* 4 Min
Motor 9 kW 400V 50Hz 3ph
Operating Pressure 330 Bar – 4800 PSI
Number Fill Hoses 4
Features Fully Automatic Cabinet Compressor, Noise 76 dB,
Final pressure switch with gauge and auto-stop, Hour Meter,
Automatic Condensate Drains, Temperature digital display with Auto shut-off,
Low oil level warning light with Auto shut-off,
Phase controller prohibits reverse rotation, Interstage Pressure Gauges,
Low Pressure Oil Pump, Grade E Breathing Air Filtration,
Additional Purification Cartridge Holder/Dual Filtration,
Four (4) Filling hose with on/off valve and bleed (depressurize system)
Meets or exceeds all international breathing air standards for CGA Grade“E” Air and DIN EN12021
Dimensions L 31″(79)x D 61″(154)x H 40″(102 cm)
Weight 415 Kg – 915 lbs
Production Year 2017

SCA265DY/9OSS Stainless Steel Open Frame Compressor 9HP Yanmar Diesel

Charging Rate 265 L/Min – 13 Cu.Ft/Min
Filling Time* 6 Min
Motor 9 HP Yanmar Diesel
Operating Pressure 330 Bar – 4800 PSI
Number Fill Hoses 2
Features Open Stainless Steel Frame, Manual Condensate Drains, Stainless Steel Intercoolers,
External oil level sight glass indicator, Grade E Breathing Air Filtration,
Two (2) High Pressure Filling hoses with DIN300 On/Off filling valve and bleed, depressurize system
Dimensions L 45″(114)x D 20″(50)x H 28″(71cm)
Weight 155 Kg – 340 lbs
Production Year 2015

*Based on charging an 11 Liter / 80 Cu. Ft. Cylinder from 35 bar / 500 psi to 200 bar / 3000 psi