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Paintball Adapters & High Pressure Adapters

Paintball Fill Adapters and High Pressure Fill Adapters

Part # Description
 paintball fill adapters PFA-300 High Pressure Paintball Fill Adaptor with bleed valve
G5/8 DIN300, DIN200 or Scuba Yoke type connection
Pressure 300 bar / 4400 psi
Length 11 cm / 4,3"
 pressure adapter 300-200bar PAC300/200 Pressure Adapter from 300 to 220 bar (4400 to 3190 psi)
Adapter with DIN connection 300 bar female to 200 bar male
For filling 200 bar / 3000 psi High Pressure Cartridges
Max. Pressure 330 bar / 4800 psi
With high pressure safety valve 220 bar / 3190 psi

Pressure fill adapters for Scuba and SCBA in accordance with national and international standards.